What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the process of deciding how you want your estate to be distributed upon your death, with a view to minimising taxes payable; maximising the net value of your estate for those you choose to have it distributed to.

Here at Roxborough Wealth Management we believe in making estate planning as simple as possible. If youve not yet considered how your estate will be distributed upon your death, nows the perfect opportunity.

Contrary to popular belief, estate planning isnt just for the super-wealthy. Anything youve earned over your lifetime deserves adequate protection, as if you dont create a will and plan your estate prior to your death it will be distributed in a manner you may not have agreed with, and some of it may even end up belonging to the Crown.

When you plan your estate in advance not only can you ensure as much of it as possible remains within your family, you can detail specific items (such as your wedding ring, or an old family antique) which you wish to have handed down to certain individuals.

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