Asset Allocation Advice and Planning

Here at Roxborough Wealth Management we pride ourselves on our ability to help investors just like you focus your balance of assets, ensuring there’s appropriate diversification across your portfolio.

There are a number of different asset classes in which your investments can be placed, each of which have different performance characteristics. These classes are:

  • Cash Investment
  • UK Fixed Interest
  • International Fixed Interest
  • Property Investments
  • UK Equity
  • International Equity
  • Commodities and Alternative Investments

We understand that different investors have different sensitivities to risk, therefore we work with you to move your money between asset classes based on their performance in order to help ensure overall investment growth.

It should be acknowledged that unanticipated outside events can occasionally create unexpected changes in the market. Despite the team here at Roxborough Wealth Management being talented in the art of asset allocation, we can’t always foresee said events.

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